Emma Ongman is a multidisciplinary artist and musician who makes work by collaborating with her computer. Using images, video, and sound, Ongman is interested in exploring the evolution of technology and its influence on the human experience. She embraces tech-accidents, the intersection between science and art, and the ongoing relationship between humans and their inventions.
Ongman has shown her work in Canada, the United States, France, and Greece. She holds a dual major Bachelor of Arts Honours degree with Distinction from the University of Guelph in the College of Arts and the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Currently, Emma is based in Montréal or Toronto.... depending on the time of year.

performances and purchasing art
please email if you are interested in purchasing artwork or have other hiring related inquiries (performances, workshops, photography commissions etc).
Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council, the Guelph Arts Council, and the University of Guelph for their generous support.

Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree with Distinction | Double Major in Studio Art, and Criminal Justice and Public Policy | University of Guelph

Solo Exhibitions
Screen Time | Zavitz Gallery | Guelph, ON

irl | The Project Space | University of Guelph | Guelph, ON 
Technology and Failure | Zavitz Gallery | Guelph, ON

Selected Group Exhibitions
Upcoming | Centre Lartigue | Écomusée du fier monde | Montréal, QC
Upcoming | Architecture Beyond Pain or Pleasure | Future Creep | Online
Billbored | Factory Media Centre | Hamilton, ON
KITCHEN | Fabricated Gallery | Toronto/Halifax | Online 
Unfolding | Boarding House Gallery | RBC Emerging Artist Mentorship Program | Guelph, ON
Elements | with Artist Collective “38N” | ArtFarm | Caledon, ON
Clubhouse T.V. | Alice Street Clubhouse | Guelph, ON
Shared Space | with Artist Collective “38N” | Ashlar Gallery | Guelph, ON
Top 10 | Juried Art Show | Zavitz Gallery | Guelph, ON
Gateway | Zavitz Gallery | University of Guelph and Winthrop University Exchange Show | Rock Hill, South Carolina
Lot. 14 | Specialized Studio | Boarding House Gallery | Guelph, ON
Temporary Collection | Ed Video | Guelph, ON

A Thousand Miles from Nowhere | Specialized Studio | Zavitz Gallery | Guelph, ON 
Virtual Juried Art Show | School of Fine Art and Music | University of Guelph
Show and Tell | The Graham | Brooklyn, NY
Something Special and Nothing Important | Boarding House Gallery | Guelph, ON 
Juried Art Show | School of Fine Art and Music | University of Guelph

Larger than Life | Latcham Art Centre | Stouffville, ON

Art Fairs/Festivals/Performances 
Rayons | Le Basement (MTL Improv Club) | Montréal, QC
Calling All Alien Cyborgs | LUMEN | Waterloo, ON​​​​​​​
Pseudo Band | Kazoo! Fest | Guelph, ON
Women in Space Festival | Collaboration with LCON at the Tranzac Club | Toronto, ON 
Together Apart | La Station - Gare Des Mines (Paris, FR) | Long Winter Music and Arts Festival (Toronto, ON)
Spurious Anniversary | PonyHAUS | Toronto
Mimema | Platforms Project Net | Ed Video Booth | Athens, GR

Selected Awards, Grants, and Scholarships
Exhibition Assistance Grant | Ontario Arts Council 
Project Grant for New Generation Artists | Ontario Arts Council 
Jane Graham Memorial Award | Guelph Arts Council
Photography Award Nominee | BMO 1st Invitational Student Art Competition
Faculty Award | School of Fine Art and Music | University of Guelph
Technicians Award | School of Fine Art and Music | University of Guelph
Top 10 Award | Juried Art Show | School of Fine Art and Music | University of Guelph 
Michael Scotchmer Scholarship for Visual Arts | University of Guelph

College of Arts Student Union Award | University of Guelph
Directors Award | School of Fine Art and Music | University of Guelph
Printmaking Award | School of Fine Art and Music | University of Guelph
Photography Award | School of Fine Art and Music | University of Guelph
Excellence in Applied Research | University of Guelph
Dean’s Honour List | University of Guelph 
Entrance Scholarship | University of Guelph

Francisation | Gouvernement du Québec | Montréal, QC
Roundtable Residency | Roundtable | Toronto, ON
Amateur Radio Operator Certificate | Basic Qualification with Honours | Radio Amateurs of Canada
        Call sign: VE2TKB
Equipment Residency | Ed Video Media Arts Centre | Guelph, ON
Guelph Emerging Artist Mentorship Program | Mentee under Lisa Conway (LCON) 
Digital Residency | University of Guelph
Co-Create | Collaborative Residency for Creatives | Otherwise Studios and Bumaroo | Guelph, ON

Media Art Juror | Juried Art Show | Ed Video Representative | Guelph, ON

Curatorial Projects
Platforms Project | Ed Video Booth | Athens, GR
Zavitz Gallery | 2020-2021 | University of Guelph | Guelph, ON

Professional Experience
Staff Member | McBride Contemporain | Montréal, QC
Media Art Installer | Art Gallery of Guelph | 2021 - 2022 | Guelph, ON 
Staff Member | Ed Video Media Arts Centre | Guelph, ON
        Curator for Platforms Project (2022)
        Equipment Residency Coordinator (2021-2022)
        Volunteer (2020-2021)
Studio Assistant to Shannon Garden-Smith | Toronto, ON
Studio Assistant to Suzy Lake | 2020-2021 | Toronto, ON
Co-Editor | Kaleidoscope Magazine | 2020-2021 | University of Guelph
        Layout Designer (2020)
Juried Art Show | University of Guelph
        Coordinator (2020-2021)
        Photographer and Installation Assistant (2020)
Board Member | Fine Arts Network | University of Guelph
        Juried Art Show Representative (2020-2021)
        Chairperson (2020)
        Secretary (2019)
Studio Art Representative | Student Services Fees Committee | School of Fine Art and Music | 2020-2021 | University of Guelph
360° Photographer for Virtual Exhibitions | Art Gallery of Guelph in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Design Lab at the University of Guelph | 2020-2021 | Guelph, ON
Undergraduate Research Assistant to Susan Dobson | University of Guelph
Studio Monitor | Photography Department | University of Guelph 
Studio Art Social Media Manager | University of Guelph 
Printmaking Department Assistant | Print Show and Sale | University of Guelph 
Latcham Art Centre | Volunteer | Stouffville, ON

Emma Ongman | Guelph Emerging Artist Mentorship Project | Guelph Arts Council
GAC Jane Graham Memorial Award Recipients | Guelph Arts Council
Platforms Project Net | Athens Up Radio | Athens, Greece
The Interviewing Artist Series | Kaleidoscope Magazine and the Juried Art Show
Arts Issue | The Ontarion | Guelph, ON
Interview, Experiential Learning | Co-operative Education & Career Services | University of Guelph
Turning My Bedroom into a Camera Obscura | Research Notes: I Keep My Worries in My Teeth by Anna Cox | Necessary Fiction
Guelph artists paired during quarantine showcase works of art online | Guelph Today
Corrupted Wood Grain #1 | Kaleidoscope, Issue 15 | Magazine February Featured Artist | Otherwise Studios
Corrupted Image Series | Kaleidoscope, Issue 14 | Magazine

How to Make Cyanotypes | Bumaroo Festival | Guelph, ON
How to Make a Camera Obscura | Photography Department | University of Guelph

Selected Writing
Suzy Lake: Innovative Professor and One of Canada's Most Important Photographers | Her Story: Women Trailblazers of Guelph and Wellington County | Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory
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